BREAKING NEWS: Mpumalanga club shutdown for killing patrons and selling as meat

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has shutdown a nightclub, Aluta Nightclub, in Mpumalanga after investigation uncovered that the owner killed patrons of the facility and served to others as meat.

SAPS said in a statement that they acted swiftly upon tip-off and a search at the club revealed human parts kept in deep freezers.

The Aluta Nightclub started operating in February 2019.

The statement added that the owner of the facility has been arrested and other three people believed to be accomplices are at large.


“There are more people involved and as such more details including names would be communicated to the media in due time”, the statement read.

Our reporters gathered that the Police extended the search to several clubs and popular eating places as the main suspect is believed to have several investments in the capital.

The statement assured the general public that the situation has been uncovered and as such patrons can go ahead patronizing other clubs and report anything suspicious to the Police.

The statement went ahead to welcome whistle-blowers and promised to hide their identity and ensure maximum security for them.