Baby rescued, mother found dead at Notre Dame Cathedral 6 days after fire outbreak

Baby rescued

A baby has been rescued at the Notre Dame Cathedral on Saturday, six days after fire ripped through the medieval Catholic cathedral in Paris.

Unfortunately the mother of the baby, who is yet to be identified, was found dead.

Police Investigators found the two after they visited the premises to conduct investigation into the cause of the fire.

French Police had earlier on said that no deaths were recorded.

According to the investigators, the mother might have been weaken by excessive inhaling of smoke and parts of the roof that fell on them. “The baby had cuts but was still breathing. She was rushed to the hospital”, the Police said.

Guards are the premises say they are shocked of the latest development as everyone was thought to have been evacuated including many works of art and other treasures early in the emergency.

The two are yet to be identified.


Police preliminary investigation reveals that smoke from the burning rough might have blocked the view of the mother to the exit as a review of a cache of amateur video and photos from local residences indicate the fire started at the center of the cathedral’s roof towards the base of the iconic spiral.

The baby, believed to be 10 months to a year old, and the mother, are yet to be identified.

Police say the body of the mother has been sent to the morgue for autopsy.

The Notre-Dame de Paris fire broke out on 15 April 2019 beneath the roof of the cathedral in Paris. By the time it was extinguished, 15 hours later, the spire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral and most of its roof had collapsed, and its upper walls had been severely damaged; extensive damage to the interior was prevented by its stone vaulted ceiling, which largely contained the burning roof as it collapsed.

There was no immediate thorough search in the cathedral after the fire was extinguished as fire safety demands and Police say this prevented security personnel for noticing the woman and her baby.